Preventing Car Accidents On I-12

Dangerous Driving In Louisiana

In the previous year, Louisiana took the spot as the tenth most dangerous state to be a driver. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the state suffered approximately 15.9 road deaths for every 100,000 people with more car accidents occurring on rural roads. While Louisiana has hundreds of miles of urban and rural roads, one of the most dangerous remains the Interstate 12 Highway.

Although I-12 is located entirely within the state of Louisiana, the highway frequently makes lists of America’s deadliest highways. Coming out of Baton Rouge, the more common use of the highway is notoriously known for accidents as people pass rural roads. Though the I-10 is often cited as the dangerous Louisiana road, I-12 becomes more problematic as it crosses more suburban areas on its route, the site of more car accidents. Unfortunately, since it remains a popular commuter road, I-12 frequently makes the news for closures and accidents.

Following major storms and flooding, I-12 also suffered from an increase in accidents and traffic as people attempt to evacuate or adapt. During Hurricane Katrina, for example, I-12 briefly functioned as a connection between Baton Rouge and Slidell for a blocked I-10, leading to more congestions and subsequent accidents. After flooding in August 2016, I-12 was also the setting for many stranded drivers waiting for rescue. However, within acts of nature, I-12 also suffers from a narrowing of lanes, according to the organization. Driving Louisiana Forward. With fewer lanes to cover high levels of traffic, crashes become a more regular occurrence.

Preventing Car Accidents On I-12

Fortunately, Louisiana currently has plans to expand I-12 in certain areas to decrease traffic. While other corrections to the highway are more difficult to repair, easy behavioral choices such as wearing a seatbelt or driving without texting have been proven to greatly reduce the severity of car accidents. Quick precautions can be the difference between an accident and a death.