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Insurance Claims

If your insurance company denies your claim without proper cause to do so, you need Douglas McGinity, insurance claims lawyer, on your side.

Insurance Claims

If your insurance company denies your claim without proper cause to do so, you need Douglas McGinity, insurance claims lawyer, on your side. A common issue with insurance companies is the refusal to pay out on the collection of your benefits – whether it be due to a car accident, loss of a loved one or wrongful death, or collecting on homeowners insurance policy. As a result of the insurance companies’ refusal to compensate, you may be stricken by financial hardships and future security. To make matters even worse, if the insurance claim involves property damage to a business, worst case scenario leads to the suspension of business operations because of property damage.

Dealing with insurance companies yourself is unnecessary and can be incredibly time consuming. Let Douglas McGinity take your insurance company to court and get you the compensation you deserve for your loss. He has been representing individuals with their health, life, and property insurance claims for over 15 years. Call our Covington, LA office for a free consultation at (504) 581-2222.

The reason we purchase individual and business insurance policies is to ensure our family and financial security is maintained. When an insurance company chooses not to oblige by the agreements set forth on your life insurance, health insurance, or property insurance policy, you have the right to pursue the benefits you are entitled too.

At McGinity Law Firm, we understand the financial hardships that can accrue due to the loss of a loved one, especially in circumstances when that loved one was a contributor to your financial living.

If you are seeking preventative assistance, here are some tips for avoiding health insurance claims due to insurance providers not paying for your treatments:


Prior to undergoing any surgical operations or treatment, make sure that you fully understand your insurance policy – what it does and does not cover. Often times, certain procedures and treatments require prior approval from your insurance provider before undergoing the surgery or treatment. Failing to acquire approval can mean not being covered.

Don’t assume that your physician is aware of what is and what is not covered by your insurance provider. Inform your doctor about the circumstances of your policy in regards to your specific treatment or surgery. A PPO and HMO health insurance policy means very different criteria in which physicians and specialists you can visit. For an HMO insurance policy, you will not be covered for health services outside of your plan and your choice of doctors and specialists is limited to your surrounding area. PPO on the other hand, is almost take your pick amongst most doctors and specialists around, but you need to make sure they still are covered within your network to avoid being liable for out-of-network expenses.

Denied Claim

Before consulting with a lawyer about your denied health insurance claim, there is something you can do to make sure to understand the situation and the circumstances of your denied claim. Begin with reviewing your paperwork on the claim. Call your health insurance provider’s customer service line and speak with a representative. This could all be an error and mistaken denials can be cleared up this way. Make sure to note phone conversations and include information on who you are speaking with, date, and time.

If at this stage, the situation is not amended due to an error, you need to consult an experienced insurance claims lawyer who can handle your claim.

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