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Oilfield Injuries in Louisiana

Where do you turn?

It’s difficult to overestimate the oil-and-gas industry’s impact on Louisiana’s economy. Oil and gas operations in Louisiana have a $70 billion annual impact. Of that, the industry supports more than $12 billion in salaries and 320,280 direct and indirect jobs.

Oilfield jobs have hazardous environments. Untrained personnel, poorly maintained equipment and rushed activities can result in an increase in injuries or even death. The primary types of oilfield accidents are:

   -Oil and gas truck accidents

   -Explosions and fires

   -Equipment and machinery malfunctions

   -Defective equipment

   -Collapsed work rigs and decks

   -Falling Objects

   -Slips and falls

Working in the oilfield is extremely dangerous, and unfortunately, since so many Louisiana residents work in the oil industry, they are subject to serious injuries on the job.Brain injuries can occur from a fall, explosion, collapsed decking and falling objects. Even if a worker is wearing protective gear such as hard hats, it doesn’t necessarily provide a sufficient shield especially in the situation of explosions or shockwaves. Even mild brain injuries lead to memory problems and other issues that can affect a person’s entire life.

There is a ton of hot equipment and pipelines that can result in shocks and burns. Even if a person suffers a mild burn, it can result in infection if left untreated. With more extensive burns, hospitalization is necessary. Severe burns can result in permanent disfigurement and loss of mobility in the affected area. Sometimes, protective gloves can be caught in a machine and can pull the hand inside the equipment. This results in the mangling of the bones and muscles. Also, falls from unstable decking or being hit by falling equipment can even result in arm and leg amputations. These types of accidents also cause broken limbs, back, neck and shoulder injuries.

Eye injuries are possibly the most common injury sustained at an oilfield work site. Eye protection is a must in an oilfield work environment. Debris is blown into the face from wind gusts, pipes, and explosions. A scratched cornea can cause pain, limit vision and lead to an eye infection and possible loss of vision. Drilling equipment and machinery can also cause severe hearing loss. With all of this to consider, it is no secret that if you have been injured: you need the best personal injury lawyer around.

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