Northshore DUI Attorney | Douglas McGinity |No-Refusal Checkpoints

There are many reasons you may need a Northshore DUI attorney: especially during this time of year. Chances are, you may have heard about a new policy which is steadily increasing in popularity across the country: no-refusal DUI checkpoints. In an effort to cut down on the number of DUI related auto accidents, especially during holiday seasons, the NOPD has been occasionally employing these checkpoints around New Orleans, Covington, and other parts of the Northshore.

Typically, a driver is able to decline taking a breathalyzer test at a checkpoint however, a no-refusal checkpoint involves a judge who is able to administer search warrants as well as a nurse who is then given legal permission to draw blood for testing. This means one way or another you will be tested for alcohol levels whether you give initial consent or not. Though it takes much more manpower and resources to employ this type of checkpoint, it has been used more and more across the state during holiday seasons when drunk driving is more common. Although the constitutionality of this practice has been questioned, it seems that it does help deter potential drunk drivers from operating vehicles; therefore, there has been a decrease in personal injuries and fatalities associated with drunk driving.

So what does this mean for you during this holiday season? You should not drink and drive, make sure you have arrangements for transportation. Appointing a designated driver is another cost-effective way to avoid a DUI, along with calling for a cab which is also a safe and responsible way to travel without the risk of harm to yourself, others, or legal troubles. Drunk driving is never something to mess around with. However, if you choose to drink and drive, remember that the potential for personal injury to yourself or others coupled with the legal troubles that can potentially follow for years, make it a huge risk. Even with the help of a DUI attorney, facing such charges can be traumatizing and embarrassing. With officers likely to continue using these no-refusal checkpoints during Mardi Gras, we can all be assured that fewer people will be able to get away with drunk driving and the roads will be a safer place for all. Happy Mardi Gras from Douglas McGinity and stay safe!