When Homeowner’s Insurance Fails

For most people, our homes are our largest purchase and provide shelter for our prized possessions. Owning a home is much more than that: it’s a safe place, where people can be themselves and have a feeling of comfort. Homes are also where people raise their families and make memories.

When a disaster strikes your home, it can turn your entire life upside down in an instant. Most people feel safe and sound knowing that they have home insurance, but unfortunately home insurance can turn it’s back on you as well. Two-thirds of American households are underinsured meaning that if your kitchen catches fire, your basement floods, or a tree falls through your roof: you might not have the coverage you need to replace and rebuild.

The home insurance industry has failed tens of thousands of families each year at times when they need it the most. Traditional home insurance has not evolved with the times, being one of the last products that you can easily buy online. It’s still sold through agents instead of on the internet which gives those agents a chance to upsell the more expensive products. Standard coverage protects items that modern-day households don’t even own anymore and makes you pay extra for the protection you need. When it comes time to file a claim, you will be covered for cassette tapes but not for water damage caused by a clogged sewage line.

Mold, sinkholes, floods, construction work damage, jewelry and fine art, termite infestation, earthquakes, stolen cash, trampoline accidents, dog attacks, and pool accidents are just a few of the things that homeowner’s insurance usually doesn’t cover. When disaster strikes and your insurance claim gets rejected, it’s best to seek a professional and experienced homeowner’s insurance claims lawyer. A homeowner’s insurance claims lawyer can help with any scenario that causes damage to your property and is covered by your insurance policy. If your insurance company denies your claim, they will represent you and can file a lawsuit to obtain the benefits you deserve.

Douglas McGinity has been representing individuals with their property insurance claims for over 15 years and understands the financial hardships that people undergo in the face of disasters. If you ever find yourself being undermined by your insurance company let McGinity Law Firm help you get the compensation that you deserve.