Tis’ the Season to be Cautious

A common theme in Holiday movies is disasters and crazy shenanigans, but we often don’t think about accidents happening in our daily lives. Although the Holidays are a time of warmth, celebration, giving, and spending time with your loved ones: accidents happen and they are more common around this time.

Each year, over 400 Americans lose their lives and over 1,000 are injured from holiday-related fires. These fires are not only dangerous but expensive, costing around $900 million in damage. One of the main causes of these fires is open candle flames. It’s important to keep candles in a safe holder so they won’t get knocked over and make sure you always extinguish flames when you leave a room. Putting an open flame near your Christmas tree is also a big mistake. Christmas trees are responsible for over 200 fires each year. Do not attempt to dispose of your tree in the fireplace or wood oven and make sure your holiday tree lights are off when you leave your house. Although one of the best parts of Christmas is having an open fireplace for roasting chestnuts and snuggling up to, make sure you take extreme caution with all activities concerning these open flames.

Another common cause of Holiday injuries is winter sports. From cuts on the face to skull fractures, there are over 35,000 sledding accidents reported every winter. Make sure you have fully scoped out the landscape in which you will be on sleds, skis, or even just a garbage can lid to make sure you are safe. Broken bones, sprains, and other bodily injuries can have serious consequences and be very costly in addition to putting you out of work.

In the event of an accident, you’re probably wondering if there is a such a thing as a Holiday accident lawyer. At McGinity Law Firm, personal injury attorney Douglas McGinity has over 15 years of experience awarding max compensation for your loss and will help you all year around. Happy Holidays from the McGinity Law Firm! We hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas!