Big Rig Accident

Louisiana has a major oil-based industry that helps to supply the country with regular energy. Unfortunately, to better handle that energy, companies and refineries must use large amounts of complicated machines and vehicles to concentrate and transport the substance. Human error inevitably leads to some accidents, but big rig accidents can have larger, more devastating consequences.

Anyone who works on an oil rig can easily point out the dangers that are ever-present on the job. Working conditions leave workers at the mercy of intense weather, and heavy machinery can pose a greater risk when mishandled. Daily efforts alone put a strain on activities as workers take part in 8-12 hour shifts that wear out the body. Putting all these factors together increases the chances of not only an accident occurring but an accident causing major damage.

The risks of a big rig accident take on every risk available from an ordinary workplace or on the road along with the dangers of toxic material. An incident involving a big rig can result in the usual head injuries, paralysis from damage to the spinal cord, nerve damage, or broken/dislocated limbs that can come from vehicle accidents, but transporting crude oil materials introduces additional dangers with flammable materials. Deadly crashes become even more dangerous with the possibility of explosions and fires shutting down roads and facilities. Extra care must be given to guard against that possibility, but even more, action must be taken when accidents happen.

After a big rig accident, the most important thing to do is seek medical help. While seeking medical help, however, it’s also critical to keep as much information and evidence available as it relates to the injury. In most cases, workers are usually compensated for accidents experienced on the job, but there have been times when companies have not always paid a fair price based on the injuries suffered. Evidence related to the accident could then become the difference between having and losing benefits. For families who could be dependent on a worker’s income, that difference could be pivotal. Any further issues regarding the case should also be taken with a professional lawyer.

McGinity Law Firm prides itself on covering workplace injuries and securing compensation for additional suffering, even regarding driving big rigs. More notably, they have worked on further cases involving injuries caused by toxic substances or defective equipment, conditions that could easily apply to those on an oil rig or a big rig. Depending on the case involved in a big rig accident, a victim can be eligible for more support beyond Workers’ Compensation.

If you are involved in a big rig accident, contact McGinity Law Firm at (504)-581-2222 to have a professional lawyer review your case.