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Car Crash Attorney | Remaining Safe During the Holidays

There are many reasons why you should know a professional car crash Attorney, and now is an even more critical time. Holidays are meant to be a joyful and relaxing time, but the Christmas and New Year holidays typically are accompanied by a staggering toll on the nation’s highways. While the numbers change every year, an average of 343 people die in traffic deaths each year during the holiday period. 

 Your decisions may save your life and those of your loved ones and others, because the main cause of 94 percent of traffic crashes is human factors, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Rest Up 

Drowsy driving is a recipe for disaster. As many as one in five fatal crashes involves a drowsy driver! That percent is rising every day. 

You should always get a good nights sleep before driving. If possible, have an alert passenger in the car at all times to look out for road hazards and suggest a stop, a nap or a switch in drivers if you’re tired. During a longer trip, make a stop every 100 miles or two hours for a break, experts advise. Also, skip heavy meals before you set out; all those carbs and fat can make you doze off. Packing snacks for your long drive is a great habit! 

Check Road Conditions

If you don’t have a traffic app on your phone, such as Waze, check out state sites that alert motorists to road conditions. Waze is an app that is updated in live time by other users on the highway. 


Buckle Up, Front and Back

Seatbelts are standard equipment in vehicles, yet many of us still don’t get it, especially when we’re sitting in the back. Remember, even when it varies from state to state, you should always be using your seatbelt. Did you know that only 78 percent of adult passengers in the backseat use seatbelts compared to 87 percent in the front seat? In vehicle crashes that involved a fatality, only 60 percent were wearing seatbelts in the back and 74 percent in the front.

Know a Knowledgeable Car Crash Attorney

Douglas McGinity has seen his fair share of car crashes and has helped his clients move forward after crashes small to large. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, Douglas McGinity will take the drivers seat. Learn more about what he can do for your here.