workers compensation

When You Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation is a controversial topic. Louisiana has a strong workforce. With more jobs, there are more workplace injuries. When it comes to workplace injuries, that’s where a Workers’ Compensation Attorney steps in. Since our economy is made up of so many manual labor jobs, there are many opportunities for injury in Louisiana than in other states. When it comes to being hurt on the job either due to faulty equipment, You don’t necessarily have to have a workers’ compensation lawyer when filing for Workers’ Compensation for every claim. There are many factors that contribute to your need for an attorney. Here at McGinity Law Firm, we like to make things simple. If any of the following on this list is true for you, then you need to call McGinity Law Firm.


  • You have pre-existing disabilities.
  • Your medical benefits are denied.
  • Your injuries are severe enough to require surgery.
  • Your injuries are more severe. If your doctor believes that your injury is going to prevent you from returning to your previous health state, you may be entitled to a permanent partial disability award.
  • You would feel more comfortable with legal assistance.
  • You are not able to work on a regular basis any longer.


Everyone is entitled to obtain an attorney, and if your injuries are severe enough that your life will be permanently altered, a workers compensation lawyer can help you with all of the issues surrounding your injury. Not obtaining an attorney immediately puts you at a disadvantage. If you have been injured on the job, speaking to an attorney sooner can ensure that your claim is on the right track from the very beginning. This is because it is easier for the attorney to gather evidence and push your claim in the right direction sooner instead of catching up later. Douglas McGinity will do whatever it takes to make sure that you come out on top after suffering a workplace injury.