The Long Lasting Impact of Auto Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately every 10 seconds, someone in the U.S is injured in a motor vehicle accident. Fortunately, most accidents aren’t fatal, but even minor ones can cause long-term anxiety as well as fears and phobias about driving or riding in a car.

Researchers suggest that at least one-third of all people involved in a car accident have post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, phobias, and depression. This is in addition to minor injuries, back pain, and other physical injuries.  Your top concern after an accident is to get the care you need to treat your injuries. Sometimes, that means immediate surgery, follow-up appointments, and ongoing physical therapy.

Every person’s journey after a collision is unique, but if your injuries were caused by another driver’s recklessness behind the wheel, you shouldn’t be responsible for carrying the financial burden of your medical treatment. Although many people believe that their insurance company will take care of them, you may need additional help.

Your hospital and insurance company have your records, but it’s extremely important for you to make sure you have a copy of everything following a car accident. Unfortunately, you may need someone to serve as your advocate while also covering your physical and mental recovery. If you are having a difficult time understanding how you’ll pay for your medical care after an accident, received a lower settlement offer than you expected, or just want to discuss your options after an accident: contact McGinity Law Firm. Douglas McGinity is an experienced Northshore accident attorney who has represented individuals and families in the greater New Orleans area and across the state of Louisiana.

Even if your physical body is unscathed following the accident, pay close attention to your mental state and seek the mental health treatment you need. Douglas McGinity, Northshore accident attorney, knows that injuries are not always visible to the naked eye and wants to fight for you to get the treatment that you deserve.