covington accident hotspot

Lee Road: Covington Accident Hotspot

Through St. Tammany Parish runs the popular Lee Road in Covington. At a little over five miles long, it only takes a few minutes of driving past rows of trees before hitting civilization. With the jaunting shift, it takes a level of concentration to maintain a safe drive through the highway. Unfortunately, for younger and less experienced drivers, these features can make Lee Road one of the more dangerous trials to face. This makes the road the site of many a Covington accident.

In summary, teens more than adults have the most trouble when it comes to reckless and distracted driving. Half of all teenage drivers are found to drive up to 15 mph over the legal speed limit with more than 4,000 accidents being a direct result of speed. Additionally, younger drivers display a poor level of visual scanning when observing signs and warnings that necessitate safe driving. Finally, a study from USAToday found that thirty-nine percent of teens confessed to texting while driving regardless of laws banning the action. With these figures, it is no wonder why teens are 1.5 times more likely than adults to be involved in a crash.  

With regards to Lee Road, the faults of teenage drivers can be more on display. The long-running two-lane highway can be easy for young drivers to think they can quickly speed past with no problems. With no clear landmarks for a good distance, it’s also easier to ignore any potential warnings in the road. Combined with the added danger of texting while driving, the drive through the more populated areas down the road can prove fatal.

As teens grow older and more experienced driving, the risk will gradually decrease. With extra effort put towards focused driving, less speeding, and hands off the phone, the drive down Lee Road can become less of a hazard and more of a fun ride through a unique parish. If you have a Covington accident on Lee Road and need a lawyer, call McGinity Law firm to see what our firm can do for you.